Mostly south of Biddenden circular. - Clive dropped out of walking today, choosing to go and play with his beating buddies instead. So there were nine 'Hobnobs Plus' on this lovely walk from Biddenden. It was a tad longer, at nine miles, than planned, due to walking around some field boundaries rather than straight across, but nobody seemed too bothered. Although I think everybody was pleased to finish. We re-acquainted ourselves with the sculptures in the Millenium Field at Biddenden, they seem to be surviving very well. Although I had suggested that the terrain would be mostly flat there were a few more hills than I anticipated. Just before lunch we spotted a couple of Red Deer in a very large landscaped area of land, they were obviously domesticated. It was particularly nice to be able to walk in shirtsleeve order from the outset of the walk, even Rita B left her waterproof behind! 29/05/21

Battle circular. - An entirely Hobnob contingent on this afternoons walk from Battle to Whatlington, it was particularly good to have Janet with us for the first time. There was no clear indication as to exactly what the weather was going to do, so we went prepared for all eventualities. As it was we were lucky and the only shower we experience occurred whilst we were in Petley Wood. We had a refreshment stop at Whatlington Church during a brief period of warm sunshine. Some of our number were treated to a short talk about the church by a gentleman who was there to lock up. The walk was a tad longer than anticipated, due in the main to walking around fields to avoid wet crops. 19/05/21

Hartfield to Forest Row circular. - Three Hobnobs and four invitees braved the weather for today's walk from Hartfield. Some consideration had been given to cancelling the walk in view of the weather forecast but that had been considered too wimpy. So, suitably dressed, we all set out enthusiastically. The rain came in occasional bursts , some longer than others. We were fortunate to find some shelter for our coffee stop, just as a fresh shower overtook us. We were not so lucky at lunch however, on a dry day the facilities at the church at Coleman's Hatch would have been admirable, but in the rain not quite so. Despite the rain the views were quite decent and the fresh green foliage makes you feel good. The rain became more persistent after lunch and one of our number was literally soaked to the skin, he needs to get out there and spend some money on new gear! 16/05/21